It's a known fact that even with all the things going on in L.A., the size of the population, and how much time people spend out and about, it's surprisingly hard for singles to meet new people. A version of  "I see couples everywhere, where are they meeting?" is something we hear all the time and have even said ourselves. Although we can't say where those couples you see find their mates, we can point you in the directions of places besides da club to meet the singles of Los Angeles. Eligible and unattached Angelenos are out there. Lots of them, and they're probably looking to connect with some new faces too. So, after careful scouting, research and asking around, we've put together this guide to the best spots in L.A. to find them. None of these are groundbreaking revelations, but sometimes a little pep talk refresher and open mind can lift you out of that rut in which you've grown comfortable hiding. Perk up and get ready to mingle with the help of our L.A. Singles' Guide.