My last absinthe-fueled escapade ended with being screamed at by my friend's older brother to shut up at 3am. He was taking the LSATs in the morning and did not appreciate being awakened to the booming cheers of the piss-drunk group of us competing in the noodle float "horse race" Olympics being held in his parents' backyard pool. Oh, and all of us were naked. Given this kind of debauchery absinthe inspires, I kind of understand why it was illegal in this country until six years ago. But today is National Absinthe Day, the anniversary of the lifting of the U.S. ban which we celebrate by enjoying our right to dance freely with the green fairy tonight. We've done the work for you and come up with the best places in town to observe the holiday, so once you've attended to your responsibilities for the day, make Hemingway proud and stop by one of these top 6 L.A. spots serving absinthe cocktails. [Photo via]