Pilgrims & Indians Flashback: What I'm Thankful For

by Emily Green · November 24, 2010

    Even at age 6, everyone knew it was way cooler to be an Indian than a pilgrim in our 1st grade Thanksgiving project.  I mean, the costume is basically what we wear to Coachella: feathers, beads, braids, face paint, and headbands. I'm the pilgrim on the left... Me: "Ms. Hanson told me to push my chair in and then started bitching, but I told her pilgrims had braids, too." Bettina: "I know, WTF. She's just jealous of us. I mean, look at that skirt..." Emily C.: "She totally just farted in it. "

    My friends, Bettina Santo Domingo (center) and Emily Caplow (right), were luckier than myself, who had to dress like an Amish maid with all the other losers in my class. Obviously I had bring my own personal flair to make the lame puritan costume work for me, so I made my mom give me braids like my Native American friends.

    Although we don't get to have these precious little Thanksgiving feasts complete with personal bags of cheesy popcorn like back in the day, but instead celebrate with our respective families, the three of us are still friends 17 YEARS later.

    So among the many other things I'm thankful for in my life but will refrain from boring you with, I'll just name a few: my friends who I can still share laughs with at the expense of Sandy Leibman, a job where posting pictures of Brent Bolthouse, Spencer Pratt, and local sluts is "work", living in a place where Black Friday just means sales that started last week at most of the stores we shop at, not having to ever be a pilgrim, and last but not least, COACHELLA, where I'll being seeing you all in April, right?