Paris Hilton Cruises By Us On Sunset In A Cop Car

by Emily Green · January 19, 2011

    Paris HiltonOkay nowww it makes sense! Last night while moseying into Hollywood we got word from a friend already in Hollywood that the paps told him Paris Hilton just got arrested. Seriously? More blow? DUI? Immediately after reading this text while driving east on Sunset Strip, a westbound police motorcade passed by for a driving scene of a cop car being filmed. We noticed a blond girl sitting on the front passenger's seat of the staged cop car and quipped, "Oh maybe that's Paris!" The thing is, it actually was.

    Unlike her previous experiences of riding in cops cars, in this case, Paris Hilton was NOT arrested but merely filming a PSA of all things. Supposedly court-ordered as part of her coke bust sentence. Could this be a sign of the apocalypse? Were the Mayans right? At least we can see Paris Hilton in a PSA before the world ends.

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