Photo Of The Day: Kate Moss Wishes A Happy 88th Birthday To The Hollywood Sign

by Alex Gilman · July 13, 2011

    Happy Birthday, Hollywood sign! You were brought into this world on the side of Mount Lee 88 years ago today, making you the second-oldest L.A. landmark behind Hugh Hefner, who's 137 years old. Because you were originally an advertisement for Harry Chandler's Hollywoodland housing development, you used to be four letters heavier, but like everyone else in this town, you were forced to lose some weight.

    And speaking of skinny, we're choosing to honor your 88th birthday with this Craig McDean photo of 88lb supermodel Kate Moss (you can see the rest of the gallery here). Technically, you're really not supposed to be climbing around on the sign, but we somehow don't think Kate's going to be able to do much damage, as long as she doesn't start a brush fire with a Parliament Light.

    And let's hope she doesn't. Lately, our beloved sign has survived attempted redevelopment and a devious attempt to undermine its intellectual property by those dastardly Kiwis. It wouldn't do at all to have to save it from flames as well, especially on its special day. Instead, why don't you get yourself to a bar or rooftop with a view of the sign, and raise a glass to an iconic L.A. image.

    [Kate Moss at the Hollywood sign, c. 2009 by Craig McDean via]