Inside Paper Magazine's Beautiful People Party 2011

by guestofaguest · March 30, 2011

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    If you made it to Paper Magazine's 14 Annual Beautiful People issue party last night at The Standard on Sunset, you won on two fronts: someone thought you were pretty enough to belong at an event for the beautiful and you beat the West Hollywood trendwhore fire marshal there. We used to think he was party crashing as he turns up at the majority of these sorts of functions, but now we're thinking he actually gets a formal invitation. This is only an issue for the habitually fashionably late because once he arrives no one passes go. And you know the party's good because he only comes out to play for the best ones.

    On this particular occasion Paper teamed up with iconic retail giant GUESS for a poolside bash featuring a performance by Keri Hilson who killed it for the vibrant crowd. Never short a beverage or two in hand, guests enjoyed tunes courtesy of DJ's Josh Madden and Valida who manned the one's and two's to nobody's disappointment. If you missed out on the festivities or were one of the unfortunates who got turned away because the WeHo fire marshal got there before you, there's always next year, just make sure you plan ahead and get there before the second half of party.

    Keri Hilson

    Keri Hilson