Liz Goldwyn

A heavy, palpable paperback bound in red leather(ish), Sporting Guide: Los Angeles, 1897 looks as sexy on the outside as it is in its pages. Sometimes judging a book by its cover works out. The latest literary release of writer/director/Hollywood mainstay, Liz Goldwyn, Sporting Guide takes us to L.A. before all the gilded glamour, back when it was a wild time of prostitutes, power plays, and crooked politicians. The brothels take the spotlight in a refreshingly feminist take on the madams and working girls of the time. Earlier this month, Liz celebrated the release with John Demsey along with A-list friends like Zac Posen, Linda Rodin, and Natasha Lyonne. Click through for a look at the celebration along with some insight straight from the author herself.

[Photos courtesy Patrick McMullan]