Interview With DJ Aaron Castle

by RACHEL KANE · March 8, 2010

    Young Aaron Castle could be the next Samantha Ronson, minus the vag and whatever mutant strain of crazy bitch disease you contract from effing Lindsay Lohan. The ginger haired DJ dynamo has been promoting and spinning on the underground bump and grind scene for about 3 and a half years with much success and many mixes. Castle really cut his teeth through Club Called Rhonda fame and has been is in the business of making the most beautiful young bodies in LA sweat on a consistent basis ever since.

    Cookies for the Crook (Stone Bar, 5221 Hollywood Blvd.) is Castle's latest venture with Rhonda co-founder, Kimi K. Once a month Cookies packs Stone Bar to the brim with a slew of hotties who blur the line between gay and straight into an oblivion of faux fur and gyrating bodies all pulsed to Castle and Co's cuts.

    If you're lucky, cocked and loaded with the need to dance this Saturday night, check him out at Freak City LA (6613 Sunset Blvd.), where Castle and a smattering of the cities spin artists will explode crazy mixed up beats all over your person hood. MIA has been known to pop into this spot which is crowded with hipsters so hip they are on a whole other level of hipsterdom.

    Here Castle gives GofG the lowdown on the down low that is the underground LA dance party scene and how he's made it his business to be at the center. It's a dirty, sexy job, but somebody has to do it.

    Rachel Kane: What got you started?

    Aaron Castle: I started by making Pre Made Mix CD's on an old program called Acid Pro. I really enjoyed finding creative ways to mix the songs, and then play those CD's out at house parties. DJing was basically a way to do the same thing but live. Play old songs I love and mix it in with some stuff maybe people haven't heard.

    Rachel: Do you DJ full time or do you have a "day job"?

    Aaron: I was working a crappy job as a waiter in Marina del Rey before I got fired about a year ago. Up to that point DJing was just a hobby and something I'd get excited to do. After losing that job, I decided to try and focus on DJing full time, and taking it a little more seriously. I haven't looked back since.

    Rachel: Where have you done yo thang outside of LA?

    Aaron: Traveling to other cities, is probably one of the things I get most excited for. I have played In New York, San Francisco, Boston, St. Louis and Mexico. I'd really like to get over seas to Europe.

    Rachel: How did A Club Called Rhonda start?

    Aaron: A Club Called Rhonda was founded back in March of 2008 by myself, Kimi K., Loren Granich and Greg Nunez. We had been throwing warehouse parties together for some time, and we always wanted to do a club together, we just didnt know the right venue for what we wanted to unleash on Los Angeles. One day, Kimi K. and I were early for dinner plans and were driving on Hollywood Blvd. and saw an old night club called Guatalinda's. We decided to go in and meet with the owner, and fell in love instantly. At the time there was nowhere in Los Angeles to go hear house and disco, other than the big venues like Avalon and Vanguard, where you'd have to pay a big cover, deal with lots of security, and bottle service crowd. We wanted to start a place where you could play $3 to go see LA's best dance DJ's. We also wanted the party to be "polysexual" encouraging anything as possible. There weren't any mixed parties in LA. As the party grew, we began to be able to fly great guest's DJ's in. Due to drama at the venue we had to stop throwing the party for a few month's until I went into El Cid and met with the managers there, and have been throwing it there since June. Kimi came up with the name, she wanted to name a club after a woman.

    Rachel: How are LA crowds different than in other cities?

    Aaron: One of the things I love about traveling, is having almost no idea what to expect from the crowd until I arrive at the club. I love watching the DJ before me and trying to get a good idea of what I feel like im gonna play. LA is a great city to DJ in though. People love to dance and will let you know if they are feeling your song.

    Rachel: Best places to get your dance on in the city.

    Aaron: One of my favorite clubs to play was Mr. Black in New York. In Los Angeles, I'd say any event thrown by MFG or Scarlett Casanova.

    Rachel: What's the weirdest/best thing you've ever seen from the DJ booth?

    Aaron: I've seen a lot of weird stuff from the DJ booth at Rhonda, but it's just your regular sex acts in a nightclub. What was more weird to me, was some of the requests I've gotten, the weirdest ever probably being "the theme song from Growing Pains."

    Rachel: Your Top 5 DJs in LA and where to find them

    Aaron: Top 5 DJs - that is tough, since most of my friends DJ, but off the top of my head:

    -Total Freedom (Mustache Mondays/ Wildness)

    -Cosmic Kids (Cookies for the crook)

    -Acid Girls (everywhere)

    -Dam Funk and Billy Goods (Funkmosphere)

    -(thee) Mike B

    Rachel: Where do you DJ on the regular?

    Aaron: I DJ all over Los Angeles. You can find me anywhere from Bardot, Palihouse, The Standard to La Cita.

    Rachel: Where is you favorite place to DJ?

    Aaron: My favorite place to DJ ... I really like playing Scarlett's HTDJ party at the Alvarado House, people get so wild there, its so much fun.

    Catch Castle @

    FREAK CITY: 6613 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA

    Played this Saturday Once a month warehouse style party in Hollywood

    COOKIES FOR THE CROOK: Stone Bar 5221 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA

    Monthly - next part is Saturday, April 3 9pm - 2am Every month they highlight a local LA DJ they love (so far they've had Nguzunguzu and Dam Funk) along with a slew of rotating resident DJ's (Acid Girls, Cosmic Kids, Dirty Dave, Louisahhh, Turbotito and Total Freedom). Kimi K. adds a new look and art installations to the party each time.