From cool new bands to the gallery circuit, culture in New York is constantly changing, but a few things in the arts stay constant: the philharmonic, the opera, and the ballet. These institutions are only refined by the people who occupy them. One such person is Isabella Boylston, one of the principal dancers at the American Ballet Theater. Since 2005, Boylston has danced with the company in a myriad of productions, and isn't slowing down just yet. From classics like "Swan Lake" and "Romeo & Juliet" in NYC to performances at festivals and productions around the world, she has emerged as one of the preeminent dancers today. We caught up with Boylston during a week off to get the scoop on her routine and figure out how to become as strong, flexible, and graceful as a ballet dancer. And while there isn't much to compensate for a lifetime of dancing, she lent us her best tips to get ballet-fit.