"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Teenagers Take Over The Roxy

by Chiara Atik · February 17, 2010

    Valentine's Day was another edition of "Spin The Bottle", the party for teenagers at The Roxy, founded by teen brothers Manny and Ike Adler (Cisco's lil'bros.) Samantha Ronson was on hand to spin, and her disapproving expression pretty much matches what ours would have been.

    So when you stick a bunch of teenagers in a room, whether it's homeroom, The Roxy, or your parents' basement, there are certain things that will happen, no matter what.

    1. They will start making out.

    2. They will pretend they are modeling for an American Apparel Ad

    Dov Charney included!

    3. They will inexplicably take their shirts off.

    4. Some will dance REALLY hard to prove they're REALLY more into the music than you are.

    5. Others Will Feel More Comfortable On The Side Lines. Usually The Ones Wearing Button-Up Shirts.

    6. Some will feel the need to express the need to express their individuality by wearing something completely bizarre and not caring.

    7. Some have one foot in still stuck in childhood...

    8. And others are doing their best to cross the line into adulthood...

    9. But all of them, hipsters, cool kids, nerds, dorks, losers, are equally embarrassed to emerge out of the club after a night of pseudo-adulthood and into the Los Angeles night to find their MOM actually got OUT of the car which is like, the CARDINAL SIN of carpooling, and oh my god how embarrassing.

    [All photos via The Cobra Snake]