Katy Perry Throws Best. Birthday Party. Ever.

by Chiara Atik · October 26, 2009

    I've always been sort of ambivalent towards Katy Perry, but that was before she threw the most amazing 25th Birthday party in the history of birthday parties. The singer instructed all her guests to wear white to her Willy Wonka themed party (most complied; Perez Hilton unexplicably and annoyingly dressed up like Mother Theresa). Then, they had a huge paint throwing party, completely covering  themselves in neon-paint. And there were oompa loompas, and a big vat of pink frosting. Perry's boyfriend Russell Brand and Taylor Swift were among the celebrity attendees at the Los Angeles event. Ok, everyone! You now have 364 days to become best friends with Katy Perry in time for next year's party!

    Admit it. You're jealous.

    Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Stay Thin By Eating Green Beans And Pink Frosting

    Russell Brand, Katy Perry

    Katy Perry, Perez Hilton

    Oompa Loompas. You know. The Usual.

    [All photos from Katypix.com].