The Supper Club, L.A. Pays A Visit To "Cinespia" At The Famous Hollywood Forever Cementery

by Rachelle Hruska · August 10, 2009

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    The Supper Club, L.A. has quickly picked up steam this summer. Their latest adventure? A picnic on Saturday in the famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery lawns. It was part of the "Cinespia" screenings (this one was "Bullit"), and the group took on VIP access where they set up a Leblon bar and catered in food by Made by Meg.  The Cinespia film series started in 2002, showing mid-century movies amid the graves of the Hollywood elite. More photos and stories below....

    Host Tasmin Lonsdale shined among her guests and other hosts from AriZona beverages, Karma Champagne, and Lorenza wine.