New Low: Mel Gibson Parties At The Colony. On A Saturday.

by THEO HENDRIX · March 29, 2011

    Mel GibsonWe thought we'd seen it all but this is a moment of true distinction. Just when things seemed like they couldn't get any more woeful in the hot mess that is Mel Gibson's last couple of years on earth, we're delivered this Monday morning nugget. So a huge thank you to him for making my job this easy by deciding to spend his Saturday night at SBE's embarrassment to L.A. and its conception of the Hamptons, The Colony. ...COLONY? On a Saturday a.k.a. official amateur night?! And let's just pause for second here: that tragedy on wheels is still open?? I mean, wow on all fronts; you CANNOT make this type of magic up! Mel, PLEASE inform us of who advised you that this was a good idea, we definitely need to send them a fruit basket of sorts.

    Yikes, I know these are troubled times for you Mel but, even YOU should not put your already very tarnished reputation through an experience at an establishment that epitomizes what's wrong with Hollywood nightlife. And to add insult to injury, on a f%$#ing unholy Saturday, the night that God forgot about. Not to mention the fact that we wouldn't even stop there to use the bathroom no matter how bad we had to go and Hollywood Blvd. was in total gridlock. [Photo Via]

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