Let's pretend for a second the Mayans were wrong and there will in fact be a tomorrow. Hopefully you will have participated in some form of 'end of the world' festivities since an ancient pre-Columbian culture will have you believe it's your last opportunity. You're going to need to top that apocalypse raging for planet Earth's biggest party night of the year. As usual, we are here to help you navigate your choices of some of the best New Year's Eve parties happening in L.A. to ring in 2013. Premium open bars, hot DJs, special guests: you name it, we've found it. They're all here in our Official New Year's Eve 2013 L.A. Party Guide (of 25+ parties!), so check them out while there's still time to decide, and you can thank us later when you've made your best NYE memories yet (or perhaps just vague recollections if that's how you get down).