If lounging around at the pool of a hotel where you're not a guest is wrong, then we just don't want to be right. All dressed up in a two piece with nowhere to go? While in the past, sun soakers and pool swimmers had to stealthily sneak their way into the luxe watering holes about town, now, in this overly entrepreneurial world, not the case! Proudly pull up your lounge chair at your favorite spot with a day pass from DayAxe. Starting at $15, you'll enjoy all the amenities your little heart can stand - from the pool and the gym, to the spa and the tennis courts.

Who needs Soho House when you're a member at The Ritz? No room? No problem. Grab your shades, and take a flip through some of the luxe properties you could be schmoozing yourself silly at, cabana covered and everything!

[Photo via @maria_agapi]