Photo Of The Day: Quick, Is This L.A. Or NYC??

by Emily Green · December 17, 2010

    This recent photo was taken at a store that exists in both L.A. and NYC, but can you tell which coast the snapshot is from? We polled the NYC office and they got it wrong...

    "Oh, New York for sure" was the lightening fast response when we asked the GofG NYC team. Nope, this photo is from Brian Bowen Smith's booking signing at Bookmarc in L.A. "What?!... But why is he wearing that hat?" Because our hipsters dress alike! As with so much else I found we had in common this week during my adventures on the right coast, the indies in both cities have a fondness of bomber hats. See what else I learned about NYC and its nightlife as a native Los Angelite on the loose in the Big Apple for a week HERE and HERE.

    And go HERE for to read up on the Brian Bowen Smith Marc Jacobs book party!