37% Of Californians Admit Smoking Weed In Survey

by Emily Green · June 3, 2010

    A recent poll of registered California voters administered by USC and The L.A. Times shows some interesting results in how locals feel about the legalization of marijuana and their own personal history with the kind bud. Most of the findings are probably what you'd expect while other might come as a surprise...

    First, the survey found that 49% of those polled are in favor of the legalization of marijuana, while 41% oppose it. Then, when asked whether they agreed that the taxed sale of marijuana could generate over a billion dollars in state revenue, 42% answered yes. And finally, when asked if they had ever in their lifetime used marijuana, for medical or recreational use, only 37% answered yes, 11% admitted to getting high in the last year, and 2% "didn't know."  The results of this last question are not what we would have predicted; at least not if everyone answered truthfully, which is certainly not the case since some claimed to not know if they had ever smoked a little green.  Um, we're sorry, but unless these people are suffering from amnesia, there's no way that's true. How do you not know that? In this case, as is true of many other instances of "I don't know," the answer translates to "I don't want to tell you what I know."

    Meanwhile, the results suggest that we're getting really close to securing 50% in favor of the legalization of weed for the vote in November. So start rallying if you want that to happen because it's totally within reach!

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