Delayed Gratification: The Palladium Hosts LCD Soundsystem

by MIGUELINA NUNEZ · June 8, 2010

    LCD Soundsystem played at the Palladium over the weekend to a familiar crowd: the uber cool, which includes leggy models (of course) and trend-setting hipsters. According to LAWeekly and everyone who simply could not pass up an opportunity to share the same breathing room with a band whose most recent album threatened Lady Gaga's seemingly never ending reign, LCD Soundsystem's performance was an orgasmic medley of disco-punk music.

    ... And orgasmic is, perhaps, the most appropriate word to describe the booze-filled, dancing frenzy that took over the Palladium. Reminiscent of the one of a kind ambiance that surrounds Coachella music festival - in which LCD also gave a killer performance -  LCD's show, particularly the opening song "US v. Them," coupled with scantily clad beauties, made all attendees feel as if they had tapped into front-man James Murphy's fountain of cool.

    At one point, the bands spacey disco beats were interrupted by equipment malfunctions, which is expected of Murphy's music as it relies heavily on digital beats. But nothing could deter that crowd's bony model hands from reaching towards the stage, and absorbing every heavily styled music note that Murphy sang for them.

    [All photos by Timothy Norris for]