Girl Talk Makes It Rain Tonight, Here's What You'll Need

by Emily Green · March 21, 2011

    Confetti and toilet paper rain, that is. We schlepped out to Pomona last minute on Saturday night for the Girl Talk show and I like to think that if unicorns existed, they'd fart out rainbow confetti just like this as his mash-ups blasted out of their butts. He brings his magical unicorn fart to Hollywood tonight, so here's a little peek of what to expect...

    Wear your best shoes for getting down because it's going to be one wild dance party. Close-toed would probably be the wisest option as your feet may get in the way of  clumsy dancers' footwork. Any neon and/or glittery clothes and Purell are also high recommended. Make sure to check your self-consciousness and insecurities at the door— there's the no place for them there. And if you want to dance on stage, get there on the earlier side.