The Summer of Live Music just keeps rolling on, as the 16-year old Vans Warped Tour set up shop on the grounds of the Home Depot Center in Carson yesterday for a full day of loud music and extreme sports. Now, if a punk music festival that takes place on a summertime weekday sounds like it's set up almost exclusively for high school kids, you wouldn't be entirely mistaken, and the fact that I could only recognize four of the thirteen "main stage" bands kind of confirms it (the guys from Less Than Jake must be like 40 by now, right?), but I'd be lying to you if I didn't admit that going to these kind of shows when I was in high school was one of the highlights of the summer. So let's welcome the next generation into the joys of daylong drunkenness and live loud music with a look through KROQ's photo gallery of Warped Tour 2011.