KROQ's Locals Only Show Takes Over The Roxy

by SOPHIE GREEN · July 23, 2010

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    The tunes played by Fight From Above for KROQ's Locals Only show, featuring Nations Afire, Aedose, Kingsley, Cromwell at The Roxy, were the perfect blend of pop, indie, and rock for yesterday's warm L.A. night. The local band's debut album 'L.A. Kids' is filled with energetic songs that were inspired by the band's "'We hate L.A, [but] we love L.A.'" mentality. Fans of the group believe their music is great for summertime in the city as you drive along Sunset Boulevard on a hot Saturday afternoon.

    Backstage, the band members kicked it with friends and drank beer while they relaxed before the performance. Even though they were mellow behind the scenes, they were anything but during the show. Known for their passion and intensity during live performances, the band brought tons of energy to last night's show. One member even detached his keyboard from its stand and started wailing on it like a guitar. The crowd loved the band's enthusiasm as they played fan favorites such as 'Between the Curves' and 'Raindrops'.

    The show definitely fulfilled KROQ's ambitions for the night giving the audience some solid, good ole' local rock on the Sunset Strip.