KT Tunstall Goes It Alone At Hotel Cafe

by SOPHIE GREEN · July 16, 2010

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    It was as if KT Tunstall cast a spell over the audience of her Hotel Cafe show last night, with all the room's eyes fixed on the soulful songbird as she performed. The intimate setting of the venue was perfect for the singer-songwriter's style of music, a blend of alternative, pop, and electronic. After Garrison Starr opened, KT took the stage solo, with no band backing her up, to play songs from her platinum album, Eye to the Telescope, and her upcoming Tiger Suit, set to drop in late September.

    Aside from her musical talents and accomplishments, KT can be admired for her efforts on the green front.  The highly anticipated Tiger Suit was started by demo-ing songs in her eco-friendly, solar-powered recording studio at her home in England.

    The audience took to her new songs as if they were well-known favorites, singing along without ever having heard the tracks before (not quite sure how, but it happened). If last night's show is any indication, it looks like her time in the green studio will result in another big stateside hit.