L.A.'s Glam Rock Redemption With Hammered Satin

by Emily Green · January 31, 2011

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    While our Mexican food, basketball and weed, among other things, is second to none, back in September we learned glam rock is simply not L.A.'s forte. But based on these photos from Hammered Satin's show at Crazy Girls last week, it seems we had a major breakthrough on the dirty glittery rock and roll front.

    The self-described "gorgeous, glamy, crunchy, arty, fashiony rock and roll band you can dance to" celebrated the release of their EP on Thursday night, and to ensure the inner glitter goddess was awakened in all who came out, a go-to establishment like Crazy Girls was the obvious venue choice for the occasion. Yes, stripper poles, lucite platforms, feathers and boobs were the perfect complement to Hammered Satin's electric set on the dancers' platform. But the night was more than just a fierce performance for this town. It taught us something about ourselves and embodied the ethos of the generation: Yes we can, L.A. We CAN do glam rock. See for yourself...