Mos Def Performs, Drops Knowledge On Campus

by Zoe Brunn · July 16, 2010

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    Mos Def really needs no introduction, as he is one of hip-hop's most revered artists, and, without a doubt, a success in transcending definitions of underground and mainstream. The hip-hop hero gave an exclusive performance yesterday for a group of lucky Musicians Institute students who packed the on-campus venue and had no problem showing their appreciation for his words and beats.

    As per usual, Mos put on an amazing show, and even held an informal Q&A session afterward. He shared stories of experiences, offered inspiring insight, and passed on his industry knowledge to the wide-eyed students. Entertainment followed by invaluable music wisdom? No wonder he's an icon.

    If you're jealous that you weren't able to attend this very special afternoon with Mos, he'll be performing a show in Sacramento and another in Maui later this month if you happen to be in the area.