NYLON's Fall Music Tour Wraps Up in L.A.

by Zoe Brunn · September 22, 2010

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    When it comes to shows, NYLON, a trusted source for style and culture, always delivers. Their fall music tour was no exception when it finished off at The Music Box last night.

    NYLON always knows what's up with current music and fashion, so it's no surprise that their team, along with Ben Sherman, put on a banging concert tour this month to welcome the new season. The tour kicked off in Washington DC and made its way west to conclude in Los Angeles. The final installment of NYLON's shows wrapped up with a stoked crowd and amazing performances.

    Kele, the lead singer of Bloc Party, hit the audience with his electro-rock sounds featured on his first solo album. After he rocked each and every concert goer into a sonic tizzy, indie electro-rock group Does It Offend You, Yeah? took the stage and played their best acousmatic/indie-punk tunes. The crowd took it all in, bumping to the music and cheering for much loved artists on the stage. The event gave Angelenos a necessary dose of live rock music, and left everyone eager for the next NYLON music tour to sweep through town.