Semi Precious Weapons Rocks The Roxy

by Emily Green · April 22, 2010

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    It was a night of champagne spraying, boob tapping, glitter heels and rock last night at the Semi Precious Weapons show at the Roxy.  If you're not familiar with this NYC glam rock band yet then you will be. Their shows are not for the faint of heart but are blast for people who love them some fabulous, sexually charged cross-dressing, punkish pop and stage diving.

    Known for their flamboyance, wild shows and rock 'n roll attitude, the band did not disappoint their fans on the left coast. Although they haven't even released a full length album yet, the group already has a huge following of adoring fans who dress up in gaudy outfits for their shows and know all the words to their songs.  The Roxy was jam packed with them as Justin Tanter, the lead singer with a penchant for eyeliner, lingerie and hooker heels, incited them with his crazy stage stunts (spraying champagne into the crowd, wrapping the mic cord around his neck, putting a bra over his face while singing, etc...) and kept urging the ladies to "show [their] tits!".

    Exactly what you'd expect from a band signed to Perez Hilton's label and will be touring with "LADY. FUCKING. GAGA",  as Tanter proudly announced last night, on her Monster Ball world tour.

    More madness - Hollywood style - from the night to come, stay tuned...