You Could Win A Ticket To A Super Secret Gorillaz Show, Just Make Sure To Leave Your Phone At Home

by Emily Green · April 13, 2010

    L.A. has Coachella fever and the Gorillaz have the antidote to hold you over until it's time to head to Indio. We got wind of a top secret pre-Coachella show happening here in the City of Angels on Friday night for those who couldn't get the day off work and are still in town. The terms of the contest for tickets to the Gorillaz show state that they will not be allowing cameras OR phones (they're dead serious). There are many things about the show they are intentionally leaving to the imagination, including the location, but 'Note 4' on the flyer does provide this much:

    "PLEASE don’t enter if there is even A CHANCE you cannot make it. You will NOT be able to make it back to Coachella in time for deadmau5 if you that’s your plan."

    Got that, guys? Good luck to those entering the contest, and remember to leave the iphone and/or blackberry in the car!

    [Photo via LosAnjealous]