Where Were All The Grouchy Hipsters At The Black Mountain Show?

by Emily Green · August 31, 2010

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    Last week, L.A. welcomed a clan of Canadians who came to spread their psychedelic hippie sound to Tinseltown. But the crowd that came out for Black Mountain's show at the Bootleg Theater was anything but the fussy Hollywood-type.

    The audience even transcended the self-hating hipster with dirty hair and an equally messy complex of pretensions L.A. stereotype. Indeed, Black Mountain drew a breed rarely ever seen in vast numbers at a small show such as theirs: grinning, "happy to be here", Stella-drinking kids who don't seem pained by smiling. We're not sure how they rallied up such a group but we wish they'd share their secret -- it'd be nice to get a refreshing crowd like this out more often than once every Black Mountain show.