Find Hot Spots With Brand New SKORCH App

by guestofaguest · June 10, 2016

    Wish you could find out if a place is hot or totally lame BEFORE getting ready, dealing with traffic and parking (or paying for a surge priced Uber)? SKORCH, the new app by veteran ad creative Lane Petrauskas is here to be your eyes and ears all over town. It's the first and only app to aggregate geo-tagged social content to local businesses to help you find the best places to go to in real time, and it's available nationwide!

    Skorch's premise is simple but genius: think Waze, but for bars and restaurants. Users submit content and data to influence what's hot on Skorch, like "There's a line", "It's Packed", "Great Vibes", "Mostly Ladies", etc. Skorch consolidates real time activity, not just within the app but from Twitter and Foursquare so users get a real and accurate sense of how a place is at that moment. Skorch is a direct response to outdated review sites. Think about it: is someone's poor experience with a server at a restaurant three years ago (who prob doesn't even work there anymore) going to influence your experience there today? Everything changes minute to minute, so Skorch is here to help you keep up. 

    Skorch is available on the App store. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @getskorch.