10 Reasons To Have A Summer BBQ

by guestofaguest · April 27, 2011

    With the summer months rapidly approaching and this shorts-appropriate weather already here, it's time to get serious about how and where you're going to exercise your undying right to day drink. Ah, yes, the easy breezy summer months when everybody has a fresh new attitude in preparation for reintroducing themselves to the sunlight and extra-long days. To make this most of your summer, we're here to provide you with 10 reasons you either need to quickly befriend somebody with a BBQ-friendly house or start considering taking matters into your own hands by offering up your digs to lead the very necessary BBQ fiesta train. So without further ado, we give you 10 Reasons To Have A Summer BBQ:

    1. Taking Off Amateur Night

    While pretty much any day is a good day for a BBQ, a Saturday afternoon/evening BBQ provides you and your friends a much needed alternative to going out and hitting up that tragic nightclub on Amateur Night you spent way too much time at all Winter long.

    2. Be White Trash About It

    It's time to let your inner trailer park run free and sip that Bud Light (or PBR if you're really hip) straight from the can while standing on the lawn and snacking on Cheetos. Revel in eating off of paper plates, drinking cocktails out of Solo cups and all the while wearing flip flops.


    3. Mix & Mingle

    Like a much less formal dinner party, BBQs are places to meet new people you otherwise wouldn't. And since it's not a dinner party you're free to mingle about instead of being relegated to conversation with those directly to your right and left.  Bring your friends and tell your friends to brings friends, but only if they're DTF. Oh c'mon I'm only half-kidding.

    4. Day Drinking

    Drink in hand at a cool 3pm? Don't mind if we do! Jell-O shot? Sure, we love a good college throwback. Summer BBQs were made for shameless day drinking when you have nowhere to be. Plus, it's always fun to get a little buzz going in broad daylight and catch some rays.

    5. Hot Dogs

    When else do you ever truly get to revert to your five-year-old self and enjoy a delicious grilled hot dog unless you have no shame in ordering off of the kids menu? No, we're not talking about last week when you stumbled out of Eden/Hemingway's/Supperclub and your friend forced one down your throat to prevent you from yakking all over yourself.

    6. "Manliness"

    BBQs give the male species a chance to get in touch with their masculine sides, or so they think. How manliness is derived from flipping meat over a flame and sprinkling in some seasoning, we are not sure, but let them keep thinking that manning the grill is a really macho activity; it makes them feel good about themselves and saves the ladies the work.  Girls, you're benefiting from this notion, so run with it and let the men serve you, they rarely disappoint because their manhood depends on your well-cooked burger.


    7. Drinking Games

    Nothing brings a group of individuals together better than some good ol' interactive drinking games (beer pong, flip cup). A little healthy competition and booze is the recipe for some true bonding and gives everyone an opportunity to get real loud and talk shit to each other. And who knows, you could walk away a hero of the BBQ after a particularly impressive performance.

    8. Free Parking

    Thoughts like "wait, do we have any cash for valet?" or "$20 for the night?! But I'm only staying for an hour!" won't ever come into play at a BBQ like they would on a typical outing. BBQs are about residential parking, meaning no valet or parking structures. FREE. Got that? FREE PARKING.

    9. Casual Dress

    Cutoffs? Keds? Mandals? Whatever you're comfortable wearing is acceptable in the laid-back BBQ setting. No one is expecting you to look particularly nice or dolled up and would probably think you're weird if you did, so leave the eyeliner and button-down/loafers at home, k?

    10. It's Always The Right Time For BBQ Time

    There is no bad time for a BBQ! LIKE EVER! Start at noon and end at 6pm. Start at 6pm and end at midnight. You really can't ever BBQ too late or too early, just make sure it lasts for a 4-hour minimum so everyone can work it into their schedule and hopefully have enough time to stick around and get trashy with you.