The average working professional spends eight hours a day at work. The majority of office workers spend those eight hours under florescent lighting with drab carpeting that seems to wrap an entire sea of cubicles. Bottom line- it’s depressing. If so much time is spent at the office, shouldn’t the work environment be just as important as the home environment? It has been scientifically proven that having a pleasant office space boosts morale, productivity and creativity.

We recently revamped two very different office spaces: a shared office space for both a styling & PR firm in Los Angeles and an investment firm in Richmond, VA. Both companies had their own unique aesthetic but the same end goal: to transform their offices from drab to fab. The LA office had a much smaller budget so we concentrated mostly on decorative accessories, while the VA office wanted a total redo and we were able to splurge on all new furniture and accessories. No matter how small your budget, you can make a big difference with our ZOOM tips!

You would be surprised at the big difference even the smallest budget can make! If you don’t want to tackle your office revamp on your own, enlist ZOOM interiors to help! We are a unique interior design service because we don’t charge by the hour, we never mark-up our merchandise, and we even share our designer discounts with you! We believe that interior design should be accessible to everyone and have made that possible with our online design process. To learn more about ZOOM interiors visit our website and begin the design process by filling our your Get ZOOMed survey here!