About That "Shit People Say In L.A." Video, And Then We're Done

by guestofaguest · January 26, 2012

    No, you calm down with "Shit People Say" thing. We totally feel you on that and think the meme has definitely worn out its welcome, especially now with the videos getting so specific. You know, I'm sure Malaysian dog walkers do say those things but I wouldn't really know. However, props to Heidi Niedermeyer and Elena Crevello because they did a solid job with their version of "Shit People Say In LA" and since GofG LA is all about this kooky town we live in, we have to give due recognition.

    On an unrelated note, yesterday when I walked outside the office to grab lunch in the WeHo area, I saw TWO people—separately, and at different points in my lunch trot—walking around in Ugg boots. One of them was wearing shorts. I'd like to believe they're part of L.A.'s recent influx in Australian tourists but I know they're local and it's really been bothering me. I thought talking about it with you guys might make me feel better, but it just reminds me that I only need to take one step outside, with La Raza from the construction site across the street playing in the background, to be reminded of what a giant cliche of a cliche L.A. is.

    But back to the video, it's funny and I love the line about doing coke with Skeet Ulrich. Check it out if you haven't yet:

    Some shit we think could've also been included that we say:

    "Job? I'm a freelancer."

    "It's a concept space."

    "The first DUI doesn't count."

    "He did my sister's nose."

    "But it's downtown..."

    "Can you forward me the UTA Job List?"

    "Why would you call me?? You know I don't get service there!"

    "Fuck you, Prius."

    "Too Persian, I can't."

    "Did you hear it's snowing in New York now?"

    "Does this asshole seriously need to be riding his bike on Mulholland right now?"