Angels Flight Reopens - Another Reason To Head Downtown

by guestofaguest · March 16, 2010

    After a nine year hiatus, our good friends Sinai and Olivet, known to most as the two cars of Angels Flight, are fully back in operation! For a mere 25 cents, you can once again take the historic ride ...

    ..from Hill Street up to Grand on a little funicular that's just as ingrained in LA's history as Grauman's, rush hour traffic, and gourmet food trucks. Those working west of Broadway may just welcome Angels Flight as an alternative to making the trek down and back up the hill for a bite at Grand Central Market. For many of us, it's a tiny piece of LA nostalgia and a huge reason to spend some time in downtown LA walking around for a change.

    Angels Flight is smack dab in the middle of a plethora of sites to fill a day with. Though the park that surrounds it disappoints scores of angsty romantics looking to relive 500 Days of Summer, Angels Knoll is actually a gem of a spot for a moment of calm. Not too far away is the historic Bradbury Building. Though most Angelenos have probably been here at least once on some long forgotten field trip, it's always worth another visit. This time just imagine Pris and Deckard battling it out among the scrolling Victorian railings. If you're willing to take a bit of a walk or at the very least a quick bus ride, the Flower District offers cheap fresh flowers to buy and plenty to ogle. In the opposite direction of Angels Flight, you'll find your culture overload on Grand Avenue with the Los Angeles Music Center and the MOCA, not to mention the nearby Arts District.

    But let's be honest, what really makes a good trip downtown is taking advantage of food and spirits. Angels Flight is surrounded by a smorgasborg of downright good cheap eats. There's always Grand Central Market for street fare from a variety of vendors. You also have your pick from Mexican at Tacos Tumbras a Tomas, Middle Eastern at Sultan, or Asian at Starry Kitchen. Those looking for a little fun at the end of the day may find divey King Eddy's a good option. Though the area's a bit sketchy, the drinks are cheap and the people are, let's say, interesting. For a cozier atmosphere there's always the Library Bar or The Must. And for good music and interesting aromas, there's the beloved Smell.

    There's more than just the reopening of Angels Flight to draw you here. With plenty to see, eat, and drink, you really have no excuse not to head downtown, take a ride, and celebrate a piece of LA's history.