Banksy's Peeing Dog Makes 4th L.A. Hit This Week

by Emily Green · February 18, 2011

    Banksy Peeing dog

    Yet another "Banksy" popped up sometime yesterday, but the hand-wringing and fervent gawking at his large-scale Sunset Blvd billboard piece that has since been removed must have overshadowed the peeing dog depicted on the side of a building on little Santa Monica at the border of Beverly Hills and Century City.

    The pooch (looks like a bulldog... maybe it's Stanley!) relieving himself up into the sky brings Banksy's total L.A. bombs this week to four, and we're thinking there's still more to come.

    To get caught up on what else "Banksy", who we don't even think is a real person, has been throwing up all over the streets of L.A. this week, go HERE and HERE!

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