Crawl Down Cahuenga With A Tom Waits Tour

by Emily Green · March 30, 2010

    At last, a tour bus that's actually meant for locals and that doesn't feature an obnoxious failed stand-up comic tour guide will grace the streets of L.A.

    Fans of Tom Waits have the unique opportunity to come together and shuffle around to all the locations of noteworthy moments and spots the singer-songwriter frequented early in his career.  "Crawling Down Cahuenga: Tom Waits' Los Angeles" has been arranged for this Saturday by the good people over at Esotouric, an L.A. bus company that offers tours with interesting and offbeat themes such as this and are meant for people who want to do something different with their Saturday.

    The adventure is hosted by Waits aficionados who will describe in detail the various instances of Waits' debauchery as they take fans to the precise location where they occurred.  Unlike most the many tour buses you see carting loads of fanny pack wearing out-of-towners through the city, this is not one to turn your nose up at.

    [Photo via HeroHill]