Culver City, Hippified

by guestofaguest · September 17, 2010

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    The many neighborhoods that consist of L.A.'s sprawl are constantly changing their vibes.  Thai Town is steadily becoming a haven for  Silver Lake runoff, downtown is hot, and Culver City, the site of an unexpected upturn, is getting hipper by the day.

    Five years ago, Tito's Tacos was pretty much the only reason to venture to Culver City. But in the last few years, a gentrification process has slowly but surely turned the L.A. 'hood into a relaxed suburban hideaway with nice restaurants, mood-lit bars, boutiques, and trendy art galleries. Such a hippificaiton is cause for celebration, so the downtown area has been hosting a summer block party every third Wednesday of the month, and according to Culver City, summer isn't over until the end of October! Hey, as long as there's good weather, it's always the right time for a block party, right?

    Wednesday was the second-to-last installment of the summer get together in which people stroll through the community's downtown enjoying special offers from its many shops and restaurants, outdoor music, and activities for all ages. If you haven't yet scoped out the new and improved Culver City, see the transformation for yourself at the last "summer" block party on October 20th -- you might be pleasantly surprised!