Do You Want To Sit Courtside At Game 7 Tomorrow?

by Emily Green · June 17, 2010

    Adam Levine, Zac Efron, Leonardo Dicaprio, Kevin ConnollyWell, you can for just $82,355! Yes, YOU could be sitting on the floor for the Lakers-Celtics game that will determine the NBA champs. And, yes, some sap with unlimited funds is expected to pay that much, according to Stubhub. That only gets you one, so $164,725 for a pair. But who needs to bring friends when you're rubbing elbows with Leo and Zacquisha?!

    This could be a life-changing experience, and we all know crazy things happen in Hollywood every day.  Maybe you'll hit it off with Jeffrey Katzenberg and walk out of the Staples Center with a role in the next Shrek! Or Justin might take a liking to you and want you on his next album -- the sky's the limit! So don't just think of it as a ticket to the game, think of it as your ticket to life. That $82k isn't seeming so outrageous now, huh?

    Dig deep people, because tomorrow, Jack Nicholson's stale spit could be landing right on YOUR face when he jumps up out of his seat to yell and talk shit to the ref.  Dreams can come true!