East L.A. Wedding Celebrates With A Lowrider Fleet

by Emily Green · May 11, 2010

    [photo by Aurelio Jose Barrera via LA Taco] Some people have string quartets, some get ice sculptures and chocolate fountains, and others hire famous photographers to come and shoot for their wedding indulgences.  How did one East Los Angeles couple go all out to celebrate their holy union? With a fleet of pimped out lowriders, duh!

    We're so not kidding, this is truth.

    Over the weekend, a convoy of shiny Chevy Impalas, Lincolns, and Cadillacs from Lifestyle Car Club in all colors of the rainbow was spotted in the parking lot of a gas station as they got ready for the bride and groom's big day. According to LA Taco, the fleet was gathered at the lot just before heading to the couple's wedding at St. Alphonsus in East L.A.

    Once the fleet arrived, rather than the traditional walk down the aisle, the bride's father gave her away in a turquoise hydraulic-bouncing Cadillac to the instrumentals of "Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang."   The groom donned a plaid shirt buttoned at the top, chucks, and a crisp, new white bandana tied around his head, to be formal. We're told the couple's guests enjoyed Doyer Dogs for a wonderful celebratory meal after the ceremony.

    We kid, this is actually kind of rad but we couldn't help ourselves. That whole last part didn't happen, but it'd be awesome if it did... Hint hint, people! Make sure you get us photos!

    [All photos by Aurelio Jose Barrera via LA Taco]