Flag Pants: Showing American Pride With Your Crotch

by guestofaguest · March 5, 2011

    [photo via] Sometimes our love for the USA is too much to only show on the Fourth Of July or that annual America-themed frat party. We want to wear the red, white, and blue with pride on other days too. But there's only one item in your wardrobe that can prove your dedication to your country: flag pants, because to show it where it matters most, it needs to be in your crotch.

    Flag pants are not just a good Halloween costume thanks to Napoleon Dynamite, they're the only true form of commitment to America. That's right, you are not a die hard America-lover unless you have our nation's symbol on your crotch and ass. We couldn't be happier about the recent surge of patriotic pants that's hit L.A. We spotted this patriotic party-goer in flag pants at the Black Banditz after party, and have to give her due recognition for her unwavering American spirit.

    Flag shirts are also a great way to display your USA love and Mark Hunter aka The Cobrasnake showed off his American pride with one when he took the stage at the hipster panel.

    Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter (left) repping his love for the nation.

    But last week Rye Rye aka Captain Ryemerica proved her fierce patriotism by going American flag from head to toe at her party at Freak City. The singer honored the US of a with a full body display of American appreciation by busting out the flag pants AND the flag top.

    Rye Rye

    Captain Ryemerica set the bar pretty high here. We don't expect you to go all out like her but you should definitely go for the bottom half, because we know you mean it if you're saying it with your crotch. And at the end of the day, you don't really bleed red, white and blue without flag pants.