Foo Fighters Riding Low On The Streets Of L.A.

by Emily Green · February 10, 2011

    When we think of famous musicians' wheels, limited edition Italian sports cars, murdered out Ranger Rovers and Denalis with custom TVs, refrigerators and monogram embroidered seats come to mind thanks to a little show called "Cribs" from the programming wizards at MTV. But when the Foo Fighters decided they needed a new ride for cruising around L.A., they opted for classic American with the hottest whip in the barrio. [Photo via]

    The band has been tooling around town this week in this gorgeous white-ish Cadillac limo lowrider you see here.  Talk about luxury. I wonder if that bad boy has hydraulics. Here it is parked on Sunset in front of The Roxy earlier this week in the above photo, tipping off passersby of a secret show they would perform there that night. It was later spotted again in front of Spaceland hours before they performed another unannounced show.  We don't know if there will be another before the band departs for their European tour in couple of weeks, but if you happen to catch this vehicle parked in front of a concert venue or club, you've probably just discovered their next secret appearance. Go HERE to see what went down at their Spaceland performance for the club's final show before closing.

    [photo via]