Food Trucks Not Welcome On Larchmont

by Emily Green · June 11, 2010

    Loving this whole food truck thing we've been enjoying for over a year now? Jane Gilman's not. The editor/publisher of the Larchmont Chronicle says "No On Food Trucks" who nestle themselves on Hancock Park's main drag of quaint little shops and restaurants, and thinks you should too.

    Apparently the trucks that squat in front of the stores who pay the steep rents for real estate on the posh village strip are costing them business. Plus, they take up parking spots which, as anyone who's ever been to Larchmont in the middle of the day knows all too well, are scarce. In her column, Gilman urges readers not to patronize the mobile eateries and advances an official snub.

    But will this call to action have any effect on the eating habits of those who currently frequent the Larchmont trucks? We think not. It might occur to them, but come lunchtime, nothing will stand between someone and their Kogi fix if the truck is close enough. As long as the trucks are there, they will come. Unless there's some kind of sanction or ordinance in place, which we think is totally plausible and have a feeling could be right around the corner, people are still going to choose the 15-minute wait in line to eat truck tacos on the curb over the empty restaurant it's parked in front of.

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