Happy Bike Week

by Emily Green · May 19, 2010

    [photo via] Did you guys know we are right in the middle of National Bike Week? In a city where everyone drives, even the shortest distances and in situations when walking would probably get you there faster (don't act like you're not guilty of that), National Bike Week gives us a reason to take a break from our auto-centric daily lives and bust out the two-wheelers.

    Yes, in celebration of the alternative mode of transportation, Angelenos are actually choosing bikes over cars to get around.  For L.A., National Bike Week also means it's Bike to Work Week and tomorrow is the official Bike to Work Day. In honor of holiday, L.A. County transit is offering free rides to bikers tomorrow and making additional stops along their normal routes for the convenience of cyclists. If buses don't have bike racks, bikers are welcome to bring their wheels on board.  To find out which transit agencies are participating in tomorrow's event, go here, and for a map of additional stops they'll be making, go here.

    We know it's hard to part with your four-wheeler and that we've all been taught to embrace L.A.'s rampant car culture, but it's just for a day, so make like a Polaroid hipster in Echo Park and hop on a bike.