L.A. Gets Fancy For Jazz Night By Showing Off Tattoo Bow Ties

by Emily Green · November 9, 2010

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    We don't do fancy so well here, it's not our thing. This is the land of getting away with sweats and Uggs at Mr. Chow. But at Sunday's weekly Symmetry jazz event at the W Hollywood, some took it upon themselves to step it up and channel "Mad Men" for the occasion. But even then, L.A. still missed the mark by a plaid shirt and pencil 'stache or three...

    Probably the result of some unconscious inspiration from AMC's hit show, the night was meant to be a little cultural experience. Brenna Whitaker and Her Little Big Band took over the Living Room for their show where guests were invited to come enjoy the live music and martinis, just like Don Draper would do on a date with some floozy he hadn't banged yet. Despite our best efforts at getting into character, (or not because, like, we're too cool for that) L.A. clearly does not know how to handle jazz night--at least on a superficial level which is all we really care about here anyway, right?

    To most, jazz night might means classic tailored looks, dark smokey colors, and a little bit of glitz. But for us, it meant this:

    We have no words.

    We wear our purple and gold proudly on game day.

    Formal wear: Bow tie tattoos with a denim button-down.

    Uh oh, I spy elbow length gloves, argyle AND a fedora!

    You stay classy, Los Angeles!