L.A. Marijuana Laws To Close Hundreds Of Weed Shops

by Emily Green · May 3, 2010

    It looks like the free for all of Cannabis Clubs popping up on every block that we've been enjoying is finally coming to a screeching halt. Due to a new ordinance signed by Mayor Villaraigosa last week which states that there are over 500 marijuana dispensaries operating in the L.A. area, hundreds will be shut down. The ordinance caps that number at 70 BUT will allow 116 of those currently operating to stay open if they registered with the city before November of 2007.

    Unfortunately kids, this means that stoner's supply haven practically in your back yard is going to close since their number will be greatly reduced once the ordinance takes effect.  In light of this very sad news, now would probably be good time to start saving up your stash cash so you can go stock up on all your favorite blueberry and purple strains at the weed shop around the corner because that luxury is about to be history.

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