Learning Local, Sustainable Food With Artisanal L.A.

by Zoe Brunn · October 29, 2010

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    One thing was very clear when Artisanal LA brought us a weekend of community shopping, tasting and drinking at the Cooper Building downtown last weekend: buying local is so hot right now.

    Artisanal L.A. popped up downtown last weekend to help us find the best local, homemade edibles, and drop a little knowledge on how to support your local economy. The ticketed event was a foodie's paradise, with local craft beer and wine tastings, chef demos and food workshops of all sorts. Guests enjoyed the fresh treats, giveaways, and learned a ton about the L.A. food scene. DJ Bryan Davidson spun some records while shoppers discovered new favorites, met food vendors who are all about being healthy and sustainable, and even got a head start on holiday shopping.

    If you missed this past event, look out for their next which comes to town in December!