Living The L.A. Dream: Silver Lake's Dodgeball League Kickoff Night Jamboree

by Emily Green · April 12, 2011

    Go HERE for more photos by Austin Roque and tag yourself and your friends!

    Last night we went undercover into a secret layer of L.A.'s subculture where sweatbands, man tanks and shameless, passionate ball pelting are the most salient motifs. No, we are not talking about the [insert name of any gym on Santa Monica Blvd between San Vicente and Crescent Heights] in BoysTown. Here now, we expose the east side dodgeball league's opening night of the season, the Silverlake Jamboree.

    Didn't know dodgeball was like a thing now? Get with it, man. Have you learned nothing from our lessons in how to live the L.A. dream and be really ironic about it? If you gain nothing else from the profound messages we bring you every day on this site, at least take away this: in this great city, you can belong to a league of non-sports as a hobby to go along with your make-believe freelancing career and be a totally legitimate person. L.A. supports a vast population of this kind and they are not only embraced, but also the ones who get into Paul & Andre without a hassle as they breeze by the guy wearing a button-down who makes $75k at the firm in his second year out of college that "it's just not happening tonight" for (or ever). Yeah it's like, *DAT. It is sooo like *dat.

    Back to last night and if you're considering taking up a fake sport, the one thing you need to remember is dodgeball is so hot right now for the Melrose, West L.A. and West Hollywood leagues. Whereas Silver Lake, in its infinite subversiveness and eternally hipper-than-thou-ness, the dodgeball league is a post-post-post-post-ironic movement.You got dat?

    *This idiot whose constant Facebook status updates show up at the top of my newsfeed and make me want to comment things like "kill yourself" every time because they are so dumb (i.e. "loving life....ALWAYS!" "out jogging" "grateful to be me") once updated, "What do you do when you're bored on your day off? Well I just bought a car! Yup, it's like DAT!" I died. Oh, it's like DAT?! We all died, and cannot stop saying DAT. It's totally like dat.