Meet The New Opening Ceremony Billboard

by Emily Green · January 13, 2011

    Opening Ceremony billboard

    Suspended above one of our favorite L.A. stores (and sadly, hangouts... it's a problem) is a spankin' new sign welcoming all to come in and check it out. And this is not the first of Opening Ceremony's impressive promotional storefront installations. Okay, admittedly, OC can pretty much do no wrong in our eyes, so even something as offensive as billboard not entirely dissimilar from a Carl's Jr. ad is not only excusable, but kind of cool. I mean, remember those Spike Jonze "You & Me on La Cienega" Air Dancers? Like the ones they have at used car dealerships?

    Those were dope! And they even threw the best parking lot party we've ever been to in honor of their air dancers. So... billboard party, OC? Please?