Music Video: "Walking In Los Angeles, But Who Does It?"

by Emily Green · January 21, 2011

    Kate Micucci, whom you may know as Sherri the elf from "Bored to Death", or perhaps as one half of the singing duo from the viral Youtube sensation "Pregnant Women Are Smug" makes our fair city the subject of her "Walking In Los Angeles" music video.

    While strumming the delicate melody on her guitar, Micucci's lyrics address such things as our universally loathed meter maids, the stars on the Walk of Fame, and even the 'nobody walks in L.A.' cliche in her chorus: "Nothing could be/prettier than this/Walking in Los Angeles/but who does it?"

    Check it out...

    "Walking In Los Angeles" by Kate Micucci, directed by Raul B. Fernandez: