Our Guide To Who Has Those $82K Courtside Seats To Game 7

by Emily Green · June 17, 2010

    Toby Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeffrey Katzenberg

    The hottest ticket in town tonight, and likely ever, is a coveted Staples Center floor seat to Game 7.  No really, they're actually going for upwards of $82,000 a pop. So just who are these golden ticket-holders whose kids' college tuition would be taken care of just by selling their seats on the wood to tonight's game? Well folks, we've been studying the baselines of the Lakers' home games, talked to some insiders including Lakers game regulars, and consulted many sources such to identify who owns those cushy top-dollar floor seats we all want...

    Staples Center seating chart

    Starting from section 112/113, across the court from the Lakers' bench, L.A. Gear owner Steve Jackson has a whopping ten floor seats. He and his brood have occupied that prime real estate for years, but don't assume the games are their only time to see the players up close. The NBA regulation-size court in Jackson's home has served as the practice venue for teams such as the Pacers. No big deal...

    Joel SilverNo, that's actually not Jabba the Hutt further along the same side, but rather mega-producer Joel Silver. He's planted on the wood like Humpty Dumpty at home games mid-courtish, you can't miss him. Silver has famously held these seats for some time, and an episode of "Entourage," Season 3, ("Less Than 30") even parodies this when the gang spots Ari from across the court in a floor seat rubbing elbows with him, a scene which was filmed during a live Lakers game against the Warriors.


    Those Lakers game scenes in the movies and TV shows totally take place at real games, and unless the studio has bought them all, the people you see there are in their real seats. Jeremy Piven, Joel SilverYou have not had the full Hollywood Laker game experience until you've been to one that boasts a studio camera crew shooting the same damn scene over and over with Uma Thurman and Steven Tyler right in your view of the court while you're just trying to watch the game. (Anyone know which complete flop we're talking about? Condolences if you do.)

    Moving further still down the same side in front of section 111 are Jeffrey Katzenberg's seats. If you didn't know the Dreamworks CEO had floor seats before, you certainly do now after Antonio Villaraigosa's "ticketgate" scandal, sparked last month by his attendance at Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals as Katzenberg's guest. Since 2005, our event-loving mayor has thrice accompanied Katzenberg courtside at Lakeshows, but just in an "official" capacity. Mmm hmmm. When Villaraigosa's busy, Katzenberg will invite some of Hollywood's top talent and executives to join him. Oh, and also his son, David.

    Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre

    As we get down to the end at section 109, you'll find seats held by Interscope co-chairman, Jimmy Iovine. When he goes, you'll often see the mogul with some of the biggest figures in music, such as Chris Brown and Jay-Z soaking up a little courtside action.  Although he didn't make onto the NBA's Top 10 Celebrity Lakers Fans, he did get a mention in their "Mogul Row" along with fellow courtside spectators Joel Silver, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Norm Pattiz, and Lou Adler.

    Along the opposite side, just beyond the visiting team's bench, moving left, is that Yoko Ono doppelganger who can always be seen sporting the purple and gold of her beloved Lakers.  Much digging has proved fruitless in trying to identify this character and her lady partner. But, according to The Daily Truffle's extensive rundown of who has the best seats in the house, her first name might be Yori, and various commenters online say shes been seen leaving the games in a blacked out Maybach. Yeah, so Yori's kind of gangster...

    To left of her are two of the most famous Lakers fan,  Jack Nicholson with two seats, and legendary music producer and former owner of the Roxy, Lou Adler, also with two seats.  You'll find them at nearly every home game.  They both usually bring one of their many children and are never without their shades.  But unlike his cohort, Lou seems pretty chilled out at the games.  Jack, on the the other hand, routinely gets all riled up like a raving geezer -- some of our most favorite home game moments.

    Just beyond the scorer's table, but not quite next to the Lakers bench sits Norm Pattiz, founder of Westwood One radio network.  And yeah, Norm does know how good he has it, and is not shy about acknowledging his excellent Staples Center real estate. In a recent article by Bloomberg News, Pattiz says his two seats are "the difference between being at the game and being in the game [...] They sweat on us. It's like sitting ringside at a championship fight."  Right on... Never thought we'd actually be jealous of someone for getting sweat on, but hey, they're the Lakers.

    It's doubtful that any of these lucky ticket-holders actually sold their seats to tonight's game, despite the substantial return. I mean, hello, it's Game 7! You can find out for sure veryyy soon by pausing the game during those pans across the floor seats, so get your Tivo cued up for the final showdown, because now you have an activity for half-time. GO LAKERS!!!!!