Photo Of The Day: Venice Skatepark

by Emily Green · April 23, 2010

    Venice is home to many a skater. The cult of skate there pervades the landscape and culture and for many locals, skating their main mode of transportation. You might even call it a way of life.After all, it is Dogtown.  Okay, maybe not technically, but that general area is known for being the birthplace of skate. As such, it's also the home of many popular skate spots, particularly the skatepark along the boardwalk which attracts skaters from all over the city and where, on any given day, you can see several talented ones perfecting their moves and trying out new tricks.  It's also not unusual to catch pros practicing there. We hear late afternoon is the best time to go for catching them, so next time you hit up the bong shops on the boardwalk to replace the pipe your friend broke at Coachella, stop by for a free show.

    [photo by slippy jenkins via flickr]